As an added benefit to our customers, who purchase our products, we include an in-store service department to assist in repairing our products against manufacturer's workmanship. We exclusively only service what we sell. We will not accept outside products to repair.


As a benefit to our customers who purchase from Micropac,Inc., our SERVICE DEPARTMENT will only service our products that are purchased from us, as we have access to schematics and materials needed to service these.
If your unit is under warranty, there will not be a diagnostics fee.
If your warranty has expired, the non-refundable diagnostics fee required when turned in will be from $40.00 to $80.00 depending on product.
Due to shortage of chips and materials, parts may take a much longer period to receive for service of product.

Please note: products turned in for DIAGNOSTICS will be on a FIRST IN/ FIRST OUT BASIS, which means items that were turned in before your unit will be DIAGNOSED FIRST.
You must produce proper information as we prepare a work order ticket to be given to you when you turn in your unit for service. Pending availability, your unit will not be expedited.

CONTACT US (for Service/ Repair Department Inquiries/ Appointments)

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